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A new jumping pillow at Hraunvallaskóli

19. Oct 2021

Jumping on a new jumping pillow / ærslabelgur at Hraunvallaskóli

A new jumping pillow and the fourth in Hafnarfjörður has now been set up at Hraunvallaskóli and students at the school and happy kids at Vellir and others can enjoy jumping on the jumping pillow when weather allows. 


 There are now four jumping pillows in Hafnarfjörður

Jumping pillow at Víðistaðatún was the first in Hafnarfjörður in 2019. Jumping pillow at Óli Run tún was opened in the summer of 2020 and the third in Setberg in the beginning of summer 2021. A new jumping pillow at Vellir in Hafnarfjörður is thus the fourth jumping pillow. Thus four balloons have been set up in Hafnarfjörður in just two years, within different neighborhoods in the town. The increase is in line with the wishes of residents. 


Changed opening hours from 1 September

During the summer, the jumping pillows are open from 9 - 22 every day of the week. As of September 1, the pillows are open from at 9 - 20 every day until the temperature drops below zero. The standard is to keep the jumping pillows open for as long as possible, in line with the current outdoor rules that apply from 1 September - 1 May.

  • Children, 12 years old or younger, may not be outside their home after 20:00 pm.
  • Children, 13 to 16 years of age, may not be outside their home after 22:00 pm.

The jumping pillows are closed during the winter months