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30 preschool employees on scholarships

29. Sep 2020

Since 2015, staff in the town's preschools have received scholarships from Hafnarfjarðarbær to study preschool teacher education. The project and the initiative has the important goal of increasing the proportion of professionals in the municipality's preschools and thus in the group of preschool teachers. Therefore, the municipality places great emphasis on supporting recruitment and education in the field. Thus, opportunities and possibilities are open to uneducated staff of the kindergartens, both those who have worked for the municipality for many years and newcomers.

  • There are various ways for those who want to become preschool teachers
  • Kindergarten work is varied, fun and rewarding
  • Kindergarten teacher training is a good, practical and above all rewarding program
  • The best thing about the job is the variety of projects, days and groups of children
  • Great for working on watching little individuals acquire various skills

At Skarðshlíðarleikskóli, everyone is learning, including the staff. Three employees of the preschool are studying preschool teacher education this winter. Gugga and Stephen are among the 30 who receive scholarships from Hafnarfjarðarbær.

Benefit for everyone to increase the number of professionals

Special scholarships are awarded annually and are in the form of a paid study permit so that students can study with work in preschool but also for the payment of registration fees and book costs. The grants are awarded for different lengths of time, depending on the study program chosen. Those studying for an M.Ed degree in preschool teacher education receive a grant for two years, while those who are pursuing a full M.Ed study receive a grant for five years. Grants are also awarded to those studying at Borgarholtsskóli's preschool bridge. A total of thirty employees in different study programs at Hafnarfjarðarbær are currently on a scholarship, and the group signed a study agreement for the school year 2020-21 on 4th of September. It is a great blessing for the preschool community to increase the number of preschool teachers in the municipality and the grants are part of Hafnarfjörður's purposeful actions aim.

Are you looking for a job?

Hafnarfjarðarbær's recruitment website provides an overview of job vacancies, including various jobs within the school community. Available for application these days are the jobs of preschool teachers in Hamravellir, Norðurberg, Skarðshlíðarleikskóli, Arnarberg and Hlíðarendi and department head positions in Bjarkalundur and Álfasteinn.