18. Feb 2022 : Halló Hafnarfjörður - a gift to newborns in Hafnarfjörður

35 new residents of Hafnfjörður have been born since the beginning of the year

From 1 January 2022, newborns in Hafnfjörður will receive a symbolic and beautiful gift from their municipality or a so-called "cute basket". The gift is one part of further strengthening Hafnarfjörður as a family-friendly community and welcoming the newborn residents of Hafnarfjörður to the world in a formal and memorable way. 35 new Hafnfjörður residents have already been born since the beginning of the year. Parents of January children will receive a message about the gift in the next few days.

17. Feb 2022 : Winter break in Hafnarfjörður

During the winter break in the primary schools in Hafnarfjörður there is free admission to the swimming pools and the museums offer an exciting program for children and their families.


14. Feb 2022 : Yellow weather warning till tomorrow at 18

A yellow weather warning is in effect today on Monday 14 February til Tomorrow Tuesday 15 February at 04:00 as the weather forecast is at this point. 


12. Feb 2022 : COVID-19: More easing of domestic restrictions

Close to 10,000 people will be released from quarantine yesterday when the rules on quarantine was removed through regulation. A regulation on assembly limits entered into effect at midnight stipulating relaxations as further specified below.


7. Feb 2022 : Preschools and after school centers will open at 13 today

Schools and afterschool programs were canceled due to the storm during the night. It snowed less than expected in the greater municipal area as the temperature stayed above freezing. Since there is less snow than expected, main roads are open as well as many residential streets. Currently, there is work ongoing to clear the roads that are impassable, mostly in the upper areas of the city.


6. Feb 2022 : Red weather warning February 7 - stay home

Regular school and after school programs will be cancelled although kindergartens and elementary schools will open with minimal staffing for people who necessarily need day-care for their children – meaning people that tend to emergency services, police officers, fire fighters and rescue team members participating in search and rescue.


1. Feb 2022 : My town 2035 - how do you envision the future?

Hafnarfjörður is now taking the first steps in a comprehensive strategy for Hafnarfjörður. The project aims to formulate a future vision for the town until the year 2035, which will support annual goal setting. Residents are kindly asked to partcipate in this important work!  


1. Feb 2022 : Waiving of fees for quarantined / isolated children

In recent days and weeks, COVID-19 has had a great impact on the school community in Hafnarfjörður, as in other municipalities. In times like these, parents and guardians are entitled to a waiving of fees for children who are quarantined and isolated. Hafnarfjarðarbær and the staff of Hafnarfjarðarbær would like to take this opportunity to thank the town’s families for their understanding of the incredible times that have truly affected the entire school community and family life. The co-operation and conversation of the last days, weeks and years has been characterised by respect and kindness. This deserves special thanks.


31. Jan 2022 : Second vaccination of schoolchildren in Laugardalshöll

The second vaccination of school children in the capital area will take place in Laugardalshöll from January 31 and February 4, 2022. At that point, 3 weeks have passed from the first dose.


31. Jan 2022 : Significant easing of domestic restrictions as of 29 January

The general assembly limit will be 50 people, the one-metre rule will be in effect, bars and clubs are allowed to open again, and opening times of licenced premises will be extended by two hours. Events for up to 500 seated people will be allowed if certain requirements are met. Restrictions in schools will mostly remain unchanged. This is the substance of the amendments to the regulation on social gatherings that enters into force on January 29 by decision of the Minister of Health.


31. Jan 2022 : Yellow alert weather warning

Yellow alert for weather is valid from 13-15 today.

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