3. Aug 2022 : An eruption has started at Fagradalsfjall - Useful information

An eruption has started at Fagradalsfjall. We ask people to stay calm and not under any circumstances go close to the eruption site or on Reykjanesbraut.

26. Jul 2022 : Improvements of playgrounds

This summer there has been quite a lot of renovation of the open air playgrounds and soccer fields here in the town. Among them are the playgrounds at Drekavellir, Túnhvamm and Lyngbarð. 


12. Jul 2022 : The role and complex purpose of the work school

It's not just about the projects but also social connections and activities.

Hafnarfjörður work school offers young people in Hafnarfjörður who are 14-17 years old a fun and educational summer job. The work school is usually the first workplace for young people where they learn what it is like to be part of the labor market in a safe work environment. The work school is not only about the projects and the work itself, but it is also intended to strengthen the young people socially, help them maintain a routine during the summer and reduce the chances of isolation by being with peers. The working days are spiced up with entertainment, education, a competition for the best cleaned areas and a summer festival.


4. Jul 2022 : Anna invites you - empowerment of women of foreign origin

The Anna invites you project was launched with the help of the Sunna Zonta Club. The Zonta club Sunna wanted to contribute to a project aimed at empowering women of foreign origin. This is how the project Anna invites you came into being, which holds monthly events and gatherings between September and May. Participation and program is free and open to all those who define themselves as female and from all countries of the world, including Iceland. The main benefit of the participants is the formation of new relationships while adding new knowledge and skills in a warm environment and good company.

20. Jun 2022 : Wall art by Juan in Hafnarfjörður

Juan the artist has painted a piece of art on the wall at Strandgata 4 and the piece is a collage off selected public art located in in Hafnarfjörður. This is not only a new temporary wall of art in a public space, which has a positive effect on the environment and enlivens it, but it also draws attention to other works of art in public space in town. On the wall there is a QR code that is linked to an information page for public art that is located in many parts of Hafnarfjörður. The idea is that this beautiful wall arouses the interest of people and by passers in art in the local area of ​​Hafnarfjörður, but research shows that enjoying culture and art can have a good physical and mental effect.


20. Jun 2022 : Free fishing competition at the harbour

Fishing competition for 6 - 12 years will be held at Flensborgarhöfn (Flensborg harbour) on Wednesday 22rd of June from 13:30 - 14:30. The young generation will compete in three categories - 1) the greatest number of fish, the largest fish and the most amazing fish 2022.

13. Jun 2022 : June 17th, in Hafnarfjörður

Celebrate Iceland's National Day with us in Hafnarfjörður. Happy National Day in Hafnarfjörður


8. Jun 2022 : An interesting exhibition of old photos from Hafnarfjörður

On Strandstígur along the harbor in Hafnarfjörður, the Hafnarfjörður Regional Museum has exhibition facilities for its photography museum. There are photo exhibitions that shed light on the daily work and history of the people who built the town.


31. May 2022 : Summer reading 2022 begins June 1th.

The Library‘s Summer Reading Programme starts on the 1st of June and lasts until the 3rd of September- then there will be a thorough celebration with free, eventful festival! 

 As before, it will be possible to register for the summer reading both at the library itself and electronically, Bookworm of the week will be announced after a raffle throughout the season (we look forward to reading your reviews!), and another prize draw of journals on the festival September 3rd. 


20. May 2022 : Containers for garden waste at primary schools May 25th- 29th

From 25 May to 29 May 2022, residents of Hafnarfjörður can dispose of garden waste in a container at all the district's primary schools. The containers will be at the schools from 17 on Wednesday 25 May until the end of the day on Sunday 29 May. Residents of Hafnarfjörður are encouraged to use the service or bring waste directly to Sorpa. Sorpa receives garden waste free of charge.


17. May 2022 : Correction of food fees in primary schools

Food fees for a second sibling in primary school will be corrected from 1 January 2022 and throughout the school year.

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