26. Aug 2022 : Outdoor Hammer autumn 2022 starts 7th of September

Úti-Hamarinn is an outdoor project managed by Hamarinn, Hafnarfjörður Youth House. The goal is to introduce young people to various outdoor activities and all that nature has to offer around the capital area. A presentation will be held in Hamarinn on Wednesday, August 31 at 20:00 and the first meeting/activity will be on Wednesday, September 7.


26. Aug 2022 : After-school shuttle service starts Monday. Registration

The after-school shuttle service is starting again Monday 30 August and all children in 1st - 4th grade are offered a shuttle service to sport practises that start at 15:00 and 16:00. Detailed information on departure times and places of departure from each school will be sent directly to parents within each school.


26. Aug 2022 : When you say FUN, we say LEISURE!

Role models who inspire and guide through play and creativity. Hafnarfjörður Municipality is looking for role models of all ages to work as school and after-hours employees at Hafnarfjörður primary schools. The work has preventive and educational value and the emphasis is on motivation and activity with positive guidance. Full-time and part-time jobs are available for people with diverse skills and an interest in working with children and young people. 


19. Aug 2022 : Primary schools start again after the summer vacation

School starts in Hafnarfjörður primary schools on Tuesday, August 23.
The schools will formally start on Tuesday, August 23th. Schools start according to the normal timetable on Wednesday, August 24. More information about the attendance schedule for each class can be found on the schools' website. Just over 4,000 children will be attending school in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools this fall, of which around 350 children will be starting 1st grade


10. Aug 2022 : Health walk - wild vegetables

Informative guided plant walk on August 10th at 17:00. A guided plant walk is led in English by Mervi Orvokki Luoma (MSc Environment and Natural Resources) with an Icelandic translation provided by the Library of Hafnarfjörður.


9. Aug 2022 : Hidden people festival in Hellisgerði

Hidden people festival in Hellisgerði will be held on Saturday, August 13, 2022 from 14-16:30. Hellisgerði is known as the Elf Garden in Hafnarfjörður and this festival is a family festival full of mythological creatures and music.


3. Aug 2022 : An eruption has started at Fagradalsfjall - Useful information

An eruption has started at Fagradalsfjall. We ask people to stay calm and not under any circumstances go close to the eruption site or on Reykjanesbraut.