20. Jun 2022 : Wall art by Juan in Hafnarfjörður

Juan the artist has painted a piece of art on the wall at Strandgata 4 and the piece is a collage off selected public art located in in Hafnarfjörður. This is not only a new temporary wall of art in a public space, which has a positive effect on the environment and enlivens it, but it also draws attention to other works of art in public space in town. On the wall there is a QR code that is linked to an information page for public art that is located in many parts of Hafnarfjörður. The idea is that this beautiful wall arouses the interest of people and by passers in art in the local area of ​​Hafnarfjörður, but research shows that enjoying culture and art can have a good physical and mental effect.


20. Jun 2022 : Free fishing competition at the harbour

Fishing competition for 6 - 12 years will be held at Flensborgarhöfn (Flensborg harbour) on Wednesday 22rd of June from 13:30 - 14:30. The young generation will compete in three categories - 1) the greatest number of fish, the largest fish and the most amazing fish 2022.

13. Jun 2022 : June 17th, in Hafnarfjörður

Celebrate Iceland's National Day with us in Hafnarfjörður. Happy National Day in Hafnarfjörður


8. Jun 2022 : An interesting exhibition of old photos from Hafnarfjörður

On Strandstígur along the harbor in Hafnarfjörður, the Hafnarfjörður Regional Museum has exhibition facilities for its photography museum. There are photo exhibitions that shed light on the daily work and history of the people who built the town.