31. Jan 2022 : Second vaccination of schoolchildren in Laugardalshöll

The second vaccination of school children in the capital area will take place in Laugardalshöll from January 31 and February 4, 2022. At that point, 3 weeks have passed from the first dose.


31. Jan 2022 : Significant easing of domestic restrictions as of 29 January

The general assembly limit will be 50 people, the one-metre rule will be in effect, bars and clubs are allowed to open again, and opening times of licenced premises will be extended by two hours. Events for up to 500 seated people will be allowed if certain requirements are met. Restrictions in schools will mostly remain unchanged. This is the substance of the amendments to the regulation on social gatherings that enters into force on January 29 by decision of the Minister of Health.


31. Jan 2022 : Yellow alert weather warning

Yellow alert for weather is valid from 13-15 today.


25. Jan 2022 : Orange alert weather warning

Orange alert for weather is valid from 12-16 today. The alert changes to yellow from 16-19


20. Jan 2022 : Autumn Exhibition 2022 – Hafnarborg

High tide – low tide by Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir

The Art Council of Hafnarborg has selected high tide – low tide as the autumn exhibition of the year 2022, from the proposals that were submitted at the end of last year, but the winning proposal was submitted by Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir. The focus of this year‘s exhibition will be on the seaboard, which is grand in scale, as well as being home to little lifeforms, delicate flora and diverse rock formations. There, the large and fierce clashes with the small and fragile, as the waves crash relentlessly on the shore.


14. Jan 2022 : Amended rules on quarantine

The amended rules came into force January 6th, regarding quarantine for those who have received a booster dose and are exposed to COVID-19. For emphasis, this applies to everyone who is in quarantine, including those who are in the same place as an infected individual.


13. Jan 2022 : Enrolment in primary schools autumn 2022

Enrolment for children in Hafnarfjörður who will be attending 1st grade in primary school in autumn 2022 has begun with February 1st as the first criteria day to ensure school choice. Applications can be made after that day, all year around. Enrolment is done electronically through our web - My pages - under: Applications – Primary schools - Application for Primary school. Enrolment of new students is the responsibility of parents / guardians.


7. Jan 2022 : Vaccination of school children in Laugardalshöll

From 10-14 of January students in 1st - 6th grade will be vaccinated at Laugardalshöllin. The dates differ between the schools in Hafnarfjaörður There are different schools in Hafnarfjörður and parents and legal guardians will receive mail with relevant information from their children's schools. Dates can also be shown below. 


5. Jan 2022 : Cultural grants - polish below

Applications for grants are now open for projects, events and co-operation agreements in the field of culture and arts in Hafnarfjörður. The aim is to promote cultural activities and support individuals and organizations in accordance with the cultural policy of the town. Applications must be submitted electronically. The application deadline is February 8, 2022.


4. Jan 2022 : Christmas trees are not collected by the municipality

Christmas trees are not collected by the municipality after the holidays

Hafnarfjarðarbær points out that the municipality does not collect Christmas trees from residents after the Christmas holiday. The decision was made on September 21, 2016 and Christmas trees have not been picked up since then.

3. Jan 2022 : The town artist for the year 2022

The municipality of Hafnarfjörður will on the last day of winter, Wednesday 20 April, nominate the town artist of Hafnarfjörður for the year 2022.

Applications or suggestions with written justification are requested, which the Culture and Tourism Committee will take into account when choosing a town artist.