12. Nov 2021 : Stricter measures restriction on the number of people at gatherings, and a substantial vaccination push

The Minister of Health has, in keeping with the recommendations of the Chief Epidemiologist, decided to implement much stricter disease-prevention measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections. These measures will enter into force at midnight. The common restrictions on numbers will be 50 persons, but events with up to 500 participants in each disease prevention compartment may be held if rapid tests are used. The opening hours of restaurants will be shortened by one hour. The maximum number of visitors allowed at public swimming pools, spas, gyms and ski areas will be 75% of their maximum allowed capacity as stated in their operating licences. The regulation on these measures will remain in force through 8 December.


6. Nov 2021 : Stricter domestic measures to be taken due to the proliferation of infections

Masks will be required when the one-metre social distancing rule can not be observed, the maximum number of persons allowed in the same location will be 500, and restaurants that have an alcohol licence will be required to close two hours earlier than the case is now. Events with up to 1500 participants will be allowed subject to rapid tests. The Minister of Health has decided to take these measures in keeping with the recommendation of the Chief Epidemiologist, who has expressed concern over the rapid increase in infections, the increase in serious illness and the growing strain on the health care system. The requirement to wear a mask will enter into force tomorrow, and the other changes will apply as of Wednesday, 10 November, and will remain in force for four weeks, until Tuesday 8 December.


6. Nov 2021 : THE BRIDGE - selected to participate in an UNICEF competition

THE BRIDGE - Child consultancy, in Hafnarfjörður was submitted to the UNICEF ​​international competition entitled Child Friendly Cities and Local Governments Inspire Awards , where "Brúin" participates in the category Child-friendly social services.

The BRIDGE - Child consultancy procedure has been in development since 2018 and the goal is to integrate services for preschool and primary school children in Hafnarfjörður and their families. Emphasis is placed on providing increased services at earlier stages with the involvement of interdisciplinary Bridge teams in pre-schools and primary schools.


4. Nov 2021 : Preparation of a policy for Hafnarfjörður until 2035

The municipality of Hafnarfjörður is now taking the first steps in a comprehensive strategy according to the decision of the Hafnarfjörður town council from 12 August 2021. The project is to shape the future vision for Hafnarfjörður until the year 2035 and on that basis build main goals that support the shaping of priorities in the short term. This is done with strategic plans that set measurable short-term goals and this work takes place as a prelude to budgeting. The project takes a step towards linking the municipality's policies to an increasing extent with the allocation of funds and consequently success.


3. Nov 2021 : Micro grants for culture and art during Advent

Hafnarfjörður advertises for applications for micro-grants for cultural affairs during Advent. In order to support Hafnarfjörður's artists and Hafnarfjörður culture, part of the funds of the Christmas Village in Hafnarfjörður will be allocated to various projects that will take place on Advent 2021. We are looking for any kind of events and entertainment that can enrich the Christmas atmosphere in the Christmas town on Advent. It is important that the projects appeal to a wide group of people and that many people enjoy them.


1. Nov 2021 : Change in opening hours in service center

In recent months and years, Hafnarfjörður municipality has taken steps towards smarter services, to improve quality and efficiency. New smart solutions have been well received by residents and other service users and new ways of communicating and sharing information have been successful. Digital changes and the development of opening hours in society in general have, among other things, had a direct effect on residents' visits to the service center at Strandgata 6.


27. Oct 2021 : Home safety for all

Today marks the start of a joint project focused on mapping the number of individuals living in industrial housing in the greater Reykjavík area. A website dedicated to the project is now accessible with information in six languages. 


21. Oct 2021 : Further easing of local restrictions in Iceland

General restrictions on numbers will be 2,000 persons, the mask requirement will be lifted, the opening hours of restaurants will be extended by one hour and the registration obligation for guests will be lifted while 1-metre distance rule will continue to apply. These are the main amendments to the regulation on social gatherings that have entered into force by decision of the Minister of Health. The aim is to abolish all restrictions on social gatherings due to COVID-19 in Iceland as of November 18


19. Oct 2021 : A new jumping pillow at Hraunvallaskóli

Jumping on a new jumping pillow / ærslabelgur at Hraunvallaskóli

A new jumping pillow and the fourth in Hafnarfjörður has now been set up at Hraunvallaskóli and students at the school and happy kids at Vellir and others can enjoy jumping on the jumping pillow when weather allows. 


14. Oct 2021 : Pink October and the Pink Ribbon

Hafnarfjörður takes an active part in the Pink Ribbon initiative in Pink October, among other things by decorating with pink flowers and pink ornaments on the two hearts in the heart of Hafnarfjörður; on Strandgatan and in Hellisgerði. In this way, the municipality wants to support and support the Cancer Society's important and annual initiative dedicated to the fight against cancer in women. This year the emphasis is on existence and the importance of being present for the women who are diagnosed with cancer, when life suddenly changes and it takes time which can be very difficult. Alice Olivia Clarke from Hafnarfjörður is one of those who is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer. She is responsible for the sale of MUNDU accessories and events of the same name on Pink Day 2021.


13. Oct 2021 : Lighthouse for books in Hellisgerði

Exchange bookcase that is open 24 hours a day. Grab a book and donate another book instead.

At the beginning of the summer, an idea was discussed with the organization behind Men in Sheds / Karlar í skúrum to take care of the construction of a bookcase that would be used as a exchange book market all year round. The men in the shed used the summer of 2021 to design, build and paint the lighthouse with the involvement of many parties. The lighthouse  was formally opened last week on the opening day of the Children's and Cinema Festival 2021 in Hafnarfjörður and is open to everyone.

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