27. Oct 2021 : Home safety for all

Today marks the start of a joint project focused on mapping the number of individuals living in industrial housing in the greater Reykjavík area. A website dedicated to the project is now accessible with information in six languages. 


21. Oct 2021 : Further easing of local restrictions in Iceland

General restrictions on numbers will be 2,000 persons, the mask requirement will be lifted, the opening hours of restaurants will be extended by one hour and the registration obligation for guests will be lifted while 1-metre distance rule will continue to apply. These are the main amendments to the regulation on social gatherings that have entered into force by decision of the Minister of Health. The aim is to abolish all restrictions on social gatherings due to COVID-19 in Iceland as of November 18


19. Oct 2021 : A new jumping pillow at Hraunvallaskóli

Jumping on a new jumping pillow / ærslabelgur at Hraunvallaskóli

A new jumping pillow and the fourth in Hafnarfjörður has now been set up at Hraunvallaskóli and students at the school and happy kids at Vellir and others can enjoy jumping on the jumping pillow when weather allows. 


14. Oct 2021 : Pink October and the Pink Ribbon

Hafnarfjörður takes an active part in the Pink Ribbon initiative in Pink October, among other things by decorating with pink flowers and pink ornaments on the two hearts in the heart of Hafnarfjörður; on Strandgatan and in Hellisgerði. In this way, the municipality wants to support and support the Cancer Society's important and annual initiative dedicated to the fight against cancer in women. This year the emphasis is on existence and the importance of being present for the women who are diagnosed with cancer, when life suddenly changes and it takes time which can be very difficult. Alice Olivia Clarke from Hafnarfjörður is one of those who is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer. She is responsible for the sale of MUNDU accessories and events of the same name on Pink Day 2021.


13. Oct 2021 : Lighthouse for books in Hellisgerði

Exchange bookcase that is open 24 hours a day. Grab a book and donate another book instead.

At the beginning of the summer, an idea was discussed with the organization behind Men in Sheds / Karlar í skúrum to take care of the construction of a bookcase that would be used as a exchange book market all year round. The men in the shed used the summer of 2021 to design, build and paint the lighthouse with the involvement of many parties. The lighthouse  was formally opened last week on the opening day of the Children's and Cinema Festival 2021 in Hafnarfjörður and is open to everyone.


12. Oct 2021 : Autumn brake in Hafnarfjörður

On Friday and Thursday, 14th and 15th of October, there will be an autumn break in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools. These days there will be free entrance fees to Hafnarfjörður's swimming pools, both for children and adults. The swimming pools in question are Ásvallalaug, Suðurbæjarlaug og Sundhöll Hafnarfjarðar.


11. Oct 2021 : The first shared car has arrived in Hafnarfjörður

The first Zipcar, a shared car, has arrived in Hafnarfjörður and has already become accessible to interested residents and employees of companies in Hafnarfjörður. The shared car is parked in a marked parking lot on the corner of Fjarðargata and Linnetsstígur in the town center. Residents book the car, pick it up and return it to the same place in the same parking space. The shared car is a great addition to the diverse transport options available to the residents of Hafnarfjörður.


6. Oct 2021 : Tónagull – Music Workshops in Polish This Winter

In collaboration with Tónagull, Hafnarborg will offer weekly music workshops for Polish speaking children and parents this winter, starting Sunday September 19th.

Tónagull is a research-based music workshop method founded by Helga Rut Guðmundsdóttir, professor in music education, in 2004. The workshops are designed to fit the needs of infants, 0-3 years old, and their parents. The workshops have a playful formula, with the aim of engaging musically both the toddlers and the adult participants, through songs and rhymes in the participants’ native language.