Ærslabelgur á Óla Run túni

31. Aug 2021 : Jumping pillows / ærslabelgir - change in operation hours

The three jumping pillows that have been installed in Hafnarfjörður have been very popular this summer. During the summer, the pillows are open from 9 - 22 every day of the week. As of September 1, the pillows will be open from at 9 - 18 every day until the temperature drops below zero and the winter weather takes over. The aim is to keep the pillows open for as long as possible, in line with outdoor hours rule. There is no air in the jumping pillows during the winter until spring returns.


30. Aug 2021 : Do not forget the leisure activity grant!

Hafnarfjarðarbær's leisure activity grant is intended for all children and young people aged 6-18 who are registered for active sports and leisure activities. This is a monthly grant to reduce participation fees. When registering electronically with sports and leisure clubs, inside or outside Hafnarfjörður, parents and guardians can choose to use the grant and deduct it from participation fees.


30. Aug 2021 : Covid19 - Relaxations of disease prevention

The restrictions on the number of people who are allowed to gather in one location will in principle continue to be 200 and the rules requiring social distancing of at least one metre and mask wearing are unchanged. However, public swimming pools and health and fitness facilities are permitted to run at maximum capacity subject to the conditions of their operating licenses. The requirement of maintaining a distance of at least one metre is abolished at sports events and stage art events in addition to further relaxations detailed below. The Minister of Health presented these changes at a government meeting this morning and they are in keeping with the Chief Epidemiologist’s recommendations. A corresponding regulation takes effect on the 28th of August and is applicable until the 17th of September.


25. Aug 2021 : The Walk to School project starts on the 8th of September

The Walk to School project - - starts on Wednesday September 8th and will formally end with the International Walk to School Day on Wednesday October 6th. The aim of the project is to encourage children to adopt an active mode of transport to and from school and to increase their ability to travel safely in traffic.


24. Aug 2021 : Parents are pleased with the after-school centers

The goal is that each and every child grows and develops in an environment characterized by warmth, security and respect.

The leisure centers are for children in 1st - 4th grade and are located at all primary schools in Hafnarfjörður. The leisure centers are open after school until 17 every working day and offer a variety of leisure activities based on group work, workshops, selection of different activities and outdoor activities. Every year, the parents and guardians of the children who use the service answer a survey about the leisure centers. This spring, a survey was sent to the parents of 890 children and the response rate was 88.52%. The results of the survey are positive and promising also a compliment and encouragement to the staff and managers of the leisure centers to do even bette


23. Aug 2021 : Back to school autumn 2021 - Primary schools

Pupils officially go back to primary schools in Hafnarfjörður on 24 August. Some 4,300 children from Hafnarfjörður are going back to school this autumn, with around 350 starting in Grade 1. There are eleven primary schools operating in Hafnarfjörður, nine run by the municipal authorities, plus two independent schools: Barnaskóli Hjallastefnunnar and NÚ – Framsýn Menntun.

19. Aug 2021 : Grants for events and cultural projects - polish below

Grants for events and cultural projects

Applications for grants are now open for projects, events and co-operation agreements in the field of culture and arts in Hafnarfjörður. The aim is to promote cultural activities and support individuals and organizations in accordance with the cultural policy of the town.

The artists, organizations and/or events need to have a connection to the town in one way or another. For example as a resident, placing the event in Hafnarfjörður or promoting cultural activities in the town. Co-operation agreements and events can last up to three years. Please note the grant does not support the following: operating costs, travel- and educational costs.


19. Aug 2021 : "Home is where the Heart is"

Last week, the exhibit „Home is where the Heart is“ opened on the ground floor at the Hafnarfjörður Library.

"Home is where the Heart is" is a multinational women's collaborative project supervised by artists Anna María Cornette and Gillian Pokalo, where women who have either moved away from their home country for various reasons, or women who have resided abroad for a long time and then chosen to return home, reflect on the concept of Home and what that means for them personally, through a visual medium.The artworks are made using silkscreen stencil, acrylic paints, screen printing inks and mixed media. Each work results in a clock, the symbol of Time, each one depicting each woman's experiences. This is the third time this workshop takes place, for it has previously taken place in the USA and in collaboration with Heimskonur in Reykjanesbær.


16. Aug 2021 : Vaccination for COVID-19 for students in grades 7–10

This August, COVID-19 vaccination will be offered to children aged 12 to 15 years. A guardian who requests vaccination for their child must accompany the child to the vaccination or send a substitute aged 18 or older with a letter of proxy. Children in 7th grade who turn 12 years old after 1 September will be offered vaccination later this autumn.

6. Aug 2021 : Playground renovation

Playgrounds in Hafnarfjörður are being repaired and renewed. This week employees of Hafnarfjörður and contractors completed renovation of an open playground and small football area at Einarsreitur. Before there was a gravel pitch and old playground equipment that had seen better days.

3. Aug 2021 : Measuring pole at the library

A two meter high measuring stick has been set up at the Hafnarfjörður Library. The idea is for children to pick up a book at the Library and check their height along the way. In their next visit to the Library they can measure themselves again and check if they have grown since the last time. The measuring stick is also for people of all ages, as it is long enough for most adults. The measuring stick was made by Jón Bjarni Bjarnason, director of Men in sheds.