10. Apr 2021 : Guidelines for the public - Health risks due to air pollution from volcanic eruptions

The booklet was translated and localised from the IVHHN booklet: The health hazards of volcanic acids and geothermal gases. With the supervision of: Chief Epidemiologist , Environment Agency of Iceland, The Icelandic Meteorological Office, Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, University of Iceland Institute of Earth Sciences, National University Hospital of Iceland, Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, The Icelandic Red Cross, Association of Health Inspection Areas in Iceland and The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue.


10. Apr 2021 : Spring cleaning - streets, sidewalks and footpaths

Cleaning of streets, sidewalks and footpaths in Hafnarfjörður has begun. The town center in Hafnarfjörður has been swept and will be swept especially well this weekend and immediately after the weekend, organized sweeping of the neighborhoods will begin.


9. Apr 2021 : Registration for after-school centers is now open

Online registration has been opened for after-school centers for the school year 2021-2022. Applications are valid for one school year at a time (August-June) and applications received before June 15th will have priority.


6. Apr 2021 : Vegetable gardens open for all residents

A great opportunity to grow vegetables for all interested - individuals and families
Hafnarfjörður's community gardens are open to all residents and it is a great opportunity for families and individuals in Hafnarfjörður to grow their own vegetables, take care of it and harvest vegetables this summer. The vegetable gardens will be open at Víðistaðir and at Öldugata. The cost for one garden is ISK 1,5411.- and for two gardens ISK. 2,568.- Seedlings, seeds or other materials for cultivation are not included, but access to water and some small tools will be available. The gardens will be ploughed and will be allocated at the end of May.

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