30. Apr 2021 : Seeds sent to all homes in Hafnarfjörður

Home cultivation is a rewarding project for the whole family
The health town of Hafnarfjörður / Heilsubærinn sends a summer gift to all households as a sign of growth and well-being. Hopefully the gift will make the residents of Hafnarfjörður to pause, take a deep breath, live in the present and consider the importance of their own growth in every sense. The package contains five seeds of herbs for cultivation.

29. Apr 2021 : Registration for summer activities is now open

Hafnarfjörður offers a varied program for children and young people during the summer. On the website you can view courses and summer activities organized by Hafnarfjarðarbær. Registration is open from April 28, 2021.


29. Apr 2021 : Stricter requirements for quarantine of arriving passengers coming from high-risk areas

A new regulation by the Minister of Health on quarantine and isolation and COVID-19 testing at the Icelandic border will take effect on Tuesday 27 April. The regulation introduces obligation for arriving passengers to stay in a quarantine facility if they come from countries with high infection rate of COVID-19 as defined by the regulation. The Icelandic authorities will regularly issue a list of high-risk countries, which will be updated as needed.


22. Apr 2021 : Happy summer dear residents!

The town authorities and staff of Hafnarfjörður wish the residents and friends of Hafnarfjörður a happy summer with thanks for the winter! It is fitting to use the opportunity, now that brighter days are ahead, to praise the people of Hafnarfjörður and the staff of Hafnarfjörður and companies and institutions in the town for their unique adaptability and tolerance.



21. Apr 2021 : Temporary introduction of stricter border measures - COVID-19

The Government of Iceland has announced temporary border measures to counter the domestic spread of COVID-19. These measures aim to create conditions to allow lifting domestic restrictions as much as possible. The vaccination programme in Iceland is continuing at pace, and as more people become vaccinated, conditions for easing restrictions will become more favourable, both within society and at the border.


21. Apr 2021 : Bjartir dagar - Bright days all summer

Bjartir dagar (Bright Days) are coming up, a cultural festival that reflects all the diverse cultural work that takes place in Hafnarfjörður. Usually, this first town festival in the country lasts for five days, but it has been decided that the festival, which begins the last day of winter with the selection of a town artist from Hafnarfjörður, the presentation of cultural grants and students' summer songs, will last all summer. Thus, funding for initiatives has been increased and all interested parties are encouraged to apply for micro-grants for events and entertainment at Bjartir dagar in the summer of 2021.


21. Apr 2021 : Work School - open for applications for 14 - 17 years of age

In the summer of 2021, 14-17 year old (born in the years 2004 - 2007) will get a job at Work School. The Hafnarfjörður Work School offers fun and informative jobs for teenagers in the town. All teenagers on the 14th year and reside in Hafnarfjörður are offered a job, every summer until the age of 17. The role of the Work School is to provide employees with constructive summer jobs, along with education in a safe work environment. The focus is on providing employees with a fun and pleasant insight into work activities, along with preparing employees for what is to come in the general labour market. The Work School emphasises the work environment being encouraging and rewarding, as well as its employees, residents and guests of Hafnarfjörður being shown politeness and respect.


14. Apr 2021 : Swimming pools open again

Changes to the preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic that take effect tomorrow, April 15th, allow the opening of swimming pools for up to 50% of the maximum number of guests. The validity of a new rules is until May 5th 2021, unless otherwise advertised. Children born 2005 and later are not included in the number of guests. Special attention is drawn to the fact that it is possible to see the number of pool guests in swimming pools at any given time on the website.


14. Apr 2021 : Vehicles without number plates left in public areas

Recently, it has been reported that vehicles without registration numbers are left in open and public areas, and the municipality has received numerous complaints about this. It has therefore been decided to launch a special campaign for vehicles that do not have number plates placed on sidewalks, open areas, uninhabited plots and paths and can obstruct vision and create danger or promote the sadly beautiful appearance of the town. This applies in particular to certain districts, but such vehicles can be found within almost all districts.


14. Apr 2021 : Relaxation of restrictions on gatherings and in schools

The general restrictions will go from 10 to 20 persons; sports, swimming and health centre activities will resume, with restrictions; as will stage art activities; and the ski areas can reopen. As for schools, the proximity limits at all school levels will go from 2 metres to 1 metre, and children in preschools and primary schools will again be able to partake in organised sports, youth and recreational activities. This is the gist of the relaxation of the disease prevention rules that were announced by the Minister of Health in the government’s meeting today, in keeping with the recommendations of the Chief Epidemiologist. Regulations on the changes are being drawn up and will be published later today. They are expected to remain in place for 3 weeks.


10. Apr 2021 : COVID-19: Border measures

Clearer requirements are made for home quarantine, regarding housing and rules of conduct. Those who are unable to stay in a home quarantine that fulfils the requirements will need to stay at a quarantine facility. However, no fee shall be collected for the stay. This is among the stipulations of a new regulation issued by the Minister of Health that entered into force on the 9th of April and is based on recommendations from the Chief Epidemiologist. The principal aim is to reduce as possible the risk of bringing infections to the country by measures allowed by the Health Security and Communicable Diseases Act. The regulation repeals regulation no. 355/2021 which entered into force on the 1st of April, including provisions requiring individuals from risk zones to stay in a quarantine facility which were deemed to have had insufficient legal basis by the District Court of Reykjavik.

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