4. Mar 2021 : Possible eruption in Reykjanes - message to residents

The greater Reykjavík area has a coordinated response plan and an evacuation plan for the area. As things stand now, it is very unlikely that plans will need to be activated, but they are in place and will be activated if necessary. These plans state the organization and management of operations, and all responders are already aware of the state and in the starting blocks if any action is needed.


3. Mar 2021 : Press conference due to a possible eruption in Reykjanes

The National Commissioner of Police's Civil Protection Department and the Icelandic Meteorological Office hold a press conference at 16.00 hrs today due to a possible eruption in Reykjanes peninsula.


3. Mar 2021 : Come along! Sports for all

Does your child have a favourite sports activity but doesn‘t know where to practice?
The Icelandic Youth Association (UMFÍ) and The National Olympic and Sport Association (ÍSÍ) has published a new brochure with information of the operations of the youth and sports organizations in Iceland. The brochure contains information about organised sporting activities, the benefits of exercise, participation fees at sports clubs and leisure subsidieses and parental participation.


3. Mar 2021 : Psychological symptoms during natural disasters

The Icelandic Red Cross has published information on psychical symptoms of stress due to earthquakes
During earthquakes like those that are currently happening in Reykjanes and affecting many parts of the southwestern part of Iceland, it is not unusual to experience psychological symptoms. It is uncomfortable to be uncertain about your safety. Here are some things to consider about your well-being:

3. Mar 2021 : "Bjartir dagar" / Bright days 2021 - do you have an idea?

Do you have ideas for the program of "Bjartir dagar" / Bright Days which will be held on the 21st-25th. April in connection with the first day of summer as in recent years. This time, special emphasis will be placed on the culture of teenagers and children, and children and teenagers are encouraged to participate.

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