23. Mar 2021 : 23 March is the Nordic Day

Nordic Day is celebrated on 23 March every year. This year marks 70 years since Hafnarfjörður joined the Nordic twinning chain with Frederiksberg in Denmark, Uppsala in Sweden, Bærum in Norway og Hämeenlinna in Finland. Hafnarfjörður also has the twin towns of Tvöroyori in Faroe Island and Illulissat in Greenland. 


23. Mar 2021 : Hafnarfjörður Map Web is a powerful real-time provider

On Kortavefur, the Map Web, you can view Hafnarfjörður and the surroundings in a new light. The map website is a powerful tool to get to know our town better. The town of Hafnarfjörður is placing increasing emphasis on digital services and dissemination for the town's residents and other stakeholders. 


23. Mar 2021 : Community Pledge for Covid19 -important reminder

Due to circumstances and increase in the number of Covid19 infected, the attached is republished with a kind request for full and active participation of all. The Community Pledge has been active since Covid19 arrived in Iceland in March 2020 and will remain active till Covid19 is over. 


22. Mar 2021 : The World Water Day is today. Congratulation!

On this year's World Water Day, people are encouraged to think about the value of water and what we can do to maintain the quality of life that comes with a safe supply of clean water. 


22. Mar 2021 : Rewarding to see the kids happy

In the summer of 2020, a special project was created that aims to increase the participation of children of foreign origin in sports and leisure activities. Hvaleyrarskóli has a diverse group of students and they rode on the ford there recently. autumn and hired an employee for the project, Einar Karl Ágústsson, who is also a sports coach. He handles the project, together with Steinar Stephensen, head of department, in parallel with other jobs.


22. Mar 2021 : Autumn Exhibition 2021 Hafnarborg – Winning Proposal

The Art Council of Hafnarborg has selected Community of Sentient Beings, curated by Wiola Ujazdowska and Hubert Gromny, as the autumn exhibition of the year 2021. By inviting various professionals – artists, academics, performers – to participate in the exhibition, the aim of the curators is to create a space for multiple voices to come together, while reflecting on different ways of voicing, hearing and sensing. In this way, the exhibition will offer a space for various kinds of engagement, with an emphasis on the project’s processual and performative nature, by activating the space and exploring different ways of inhabiting it, transforming the museum into the space of connectivity.


18. Mar 2021 : Artists of the year 2021 exhibit in Hafnarborg

On Saturday 20 March, Ólafur Ólafsson and Libia Castro will open their exhibition, Magic Meeting, at Hafnarborg, but the exhibition presents work based on the aforementioned performance, which was staged by the artists and The Magic Team, taking place at the Reykjavík Art Museum, in the city center, outside the Prime Minister’s Office and the Parliament House, on October 3rd of last year. It is now ten years since the artists last held a exhibition at Hafnarborg, based on the constitution from 1944, and it is a decade since the proposal for a new constitution for Iceland was drafted.


17. Mar 2021 : Last day of registration for summer vacation is March 18th

Last day for registration for summer vacation is March 18th 2021. From now on the preschools in Hafnarfjörður will be open all year round, the change will take effect the summer of 2021. 


15. Mar 2021 : Bergið headspace provides free counselling for young people

An agreement has been signed with Bergið headspace. Which will provide free counselling, located in Hamarinn youth center in Hafnarfjörður.

Bergið headspace supports and provides service for young people under 25 years old. It offers counselling and education which is adapted to each individual. No problem is too small or too big. The service is based on the ideology of easy access and confidentiality, in addition, the consulting is completely free.


11. Mar 2021 : Let's improve safety together - call for suggestions from residents

Hafnarfjörður calls for suggestions and opinions from residents about everything that can be done better in the local area in order to increase the safety of residents and others. Residents of Hafnarfjörður and the staff of companies in the town know their local area well and are best suited to notice what can be done better to prevent accidents, small or large.


8. Mar 2021 : Primary school staff received an incentive award

The Hafnarfjörður Parents' Council's Incentive Award for the year 2020 was presented in twelve places on Friday 5 March. The award went to teachers and staff at Hafnarfjörður's primary schools, in addition to which the Hafnarfjörður Department of Education and Public Health also received an award for excellent work during a pandemic. Due to meeting restrictions, the award ceremony was slightly different.

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