11. Feb 2021 : The 112 Day: Children more aware and open about violence

The safety and well-being of children is paramount on the 112 day

112 Day is celebrated all over the country on February 11, as in previous years. The emphasis this time is on child protection and the safety and well-being of children and young people. At the same time, the emphasis is on raising awareness about violence in close relationships.

The newspaper Hafnfirðingur talked about these sensitive but important issues with Helena Unnarsdóttir, head of the child protection department at Hafnarfjarðarbær.

11. Feb 2021 : Tell us about your experience of our services

Hafnarfjarðarbær constantly strives to improve its services, respond to queries from the public and make it easier to access municipal services via digital solutions. We all have our own experiences of municipal services – some good, some bad. Now we would like to gather these experiences and, with your valuable help, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the services we provide.


8. Feb 2021 : COVID 19: Cautious easing of restrictions as from 8 February

The Minister of Health, Svandís Svavarsdóttir, has approved proposals from the Chief Epidemiologist regarding cautions relaxations to the restrictions on gathering sizes as from 8 February. The general limit on the number of persons in a gathering will continue to be 20, but with more exceptions than have been allowed up to now. The 2-metre social distancing rule and the obligation to wear face-masks remain in place. Night-clubs, bars, gaming establishments and slot-machines can open again, subject to certain conditions. Audience numbers attending stage performances will rise from 100 to 150, and religious and life-stance associations will be permitted to hold ceremonies, including funerals, attended by a maximum of 150 guests. The maximum number of customers permitted in shops will be 150, taking account of the floor area; the same will apply to visitors to museums and galleries. Fitness centres will be permitted to open their changing facilities again, and guests will be able to use their exercise equipment, subject to certain restrictions. A new regulation allowing for these changes has been issued and will remain in force until 3 March 2021.


2. Feb 2021 : Tax assessment notices for property taxes 2021

Tax assessment notices for property taxes 2021 can be accessed on My Pages and on .

Due dates are ten in total - The final payment date is 30 days after the due date.
Due dates of property taxes in Hafnarfjörður are ten in total, the first on February 1st, then on the first of each month until November 1st. In those cases that the annual property tax is kr. 25,000 or lower, the whole amount is collected on the first due date of the year, February 1st. The final payment date is 30 days after the due date.

Property taxes are collected through online banking, the payment and assessment notices of property taxes are not sent out on printed form.

All further information is provided by Hafnarfjarðarbær's service center, tel. 585-5500, via online chat at or via the e-mail address:

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