20. Jan 2021 : Enrolment in primary schools autumn 2021

Enrolment for children in Hafnarfjörður who will be attending 1st grade in primary school in autumn 2021 has begun with February 1st as the first criteria day to ensure school choice. Applications can be made after that day, all year around. Enrolment is done electronically through My pages. 


20. Jan 2021 : A new tool to map strengths, knowledge and experience

Since the autumn of 2016, the municipalities of Árborg, Hafnarfjörður and Reykjanesbær have been in professional collaboration on the translation and localization of status assessment tools that are useful to schools to assess the study skills, knowledge and experience of students of foreign origin in their language. At the end of 2018, Fellaskóli in Reykjavík joined the collaboration. 


11. Jan 2021 : Relaxations to the restrictions on gathering from 13 January

Gatherings will be restricted to a maximum of 20 persons and health and fitness centres and skiing facilities will be able to open again. Sporting activities will be permitted for both children and adults, subject to certain restrictions; the same will apply to sports competitions, which will proceed without spectators. For stage events, relaxations will mean that up to 50 persons may be on stage, with up to 100 adults and 100 children in the audience; the same figures will apply to other cultural events. These are the principal features of the new rules on gathering restrictions that the Minister of Health issued earlier today, following discussion by the cabinet; they are based on recommendations by the Chief Epidemiologist. The new rules are to take effect on 13 January and remain in force (subject to review) until 17 February.


7. Jan 2021 : Primary school work back on schedule

A central decision has been made for primary schools in Hafnarfjörður for the school work to return on schedule like post Covid19. Full teaching begins according to the timetable in most schools on Thursday 7 of January or at the latest on Monday 11 of January in individual schools.


7. Jan 2021 : Municipal artist of Hafnarfjörður 2021

On the last day of winter, Wednesday 21 April, the town of Hafnarfjörður will nominate the town artist of Hafnarfjörður for the year 2021. 


7. Jan 2021 : Grants for events and cultural projects - polish below

Grants are now open for projects, events and co-operation agreements in the field of culture and arts in Hafnarfjörður. Rada ds. kultury i turystki miasta Hafnarfjörður ogłasza o możliwości składania podań na dotacje dotyczące projektów, wydarzeń oraz współpracy w dziedzinie kultury i sztuki w Hafnarfjörður.


5. Jan 2021 : Let's pick up the firework rubbish

Happy New Year!

There is quite a lot of fireworks rubbish scattered around the town.

Let's join hands and clean up after the New Year