30. Dec 2021 : 3rd of January will be a day of organisation in all pre- and primary schools

Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19 and the increase in number of infections in the society, a disruption to the activites of preschools, primary schools, after school programs and music schools is exptected. It is expected that parts of preschools (some preschool classrooms) will have to close and teaching in some years or bigger groups in the primary schools will have to be canceled for a longer or shorter period of time. Directors will try to cover absences as much as possible.


23. Dec 2021 : Our Warmest Season´s Greetings

Our Warmest Season´s Greetings 


22. Dec 2021 : Opening hours during the Holidays

The service center, cultural institutions, primary schools, preschools and swimming pools in Hafnarfjörður will be open during the holidays as follows:

22. Dec 2021 : Earthquakes – Duck-Cover-Hold

There is seldom advance warning of an earthquake. Therefore, it is important to take safety measures ahead of time and to learn how to respond. If needed SMS warning text messages are sent to mobiles phones after earthquakes from the Civil Protection to the affected area.

22. Dec 2021 : Stricter domestic measures to counter the rapid spread of infections

The general restriction on numbers will be 20 persons and the distance rule will be 2 metres instead of 1 metre, with certain exceptions. Restaurants and nightclubs, pubs and other places that have an alcohol licence must close no later than 21.00h (9 p.m.). Public swimming pools and spas, gyms and ski areas will be permitted to accept 50% of their maximum allowed capacity. Events requiring rapid tests will be limited to 200 persons. Remote working will be encouraged, to the extent possible. This is the gist of the stricter domestic measures decided by the Minister of Health in keeping with the recommendations of the Chief Epidemiologist to counter the rapid spread of COVID-19 infections. A regulation to that effect will enter into force on Thursday, 23 December, and will remain in force for three weeks.


21. Dec 2021 : Swimming at Christmas - opening hours

Hafnarfjarðarbær recommends a family trip to a swimming pools during the holidays!
Christmas swimming is a pleasant activity and family time and the swimming pools in Hafnarfjörður are well suited to meet the needs of all groups in the community, as they are different. There are three swimming pools in Hafnarfjörður and they all have their own uniqueness and charm. Thus, Hafnarfjörður Swimming Hall characterizes an old history and calm atmosphere, Ásvallalaug a family-friendly environment and a warm hall for the younger children, and Suðurbæjarlaug a beautiful and good outdoor area and outdoor pool.


16. Dec 2021 : Additional grant for leisure in the autumn of 2021

The town of Hafnarfjörður draws special attention to the fact that children born in the years 2006-2015 who are domiciled in low-income households may be entitled to ISK 25,000. additional funding for sports and leisure activities in the autumn of 2021. This is a grant from the Ministry of Social Affairs for COVID-19, which the municipalities allocate. The aim of the grant is to equalize the opportunities for children to participate in organized sports and leisure activities.

Furuvellir 13-25

8. Dec 2021 : Where is the best decorated house and the best decorated street 2021?

Your house or building? Your neighbor's house? Friends' house? Or a co-worker's house.
Residents have responded well to the encouragement to decorate their houses and light up the short day, and now Christmas is just around the corner. On December 23, as in previous years in the Christmas town of Hafnarfjörður, an award will be given for the best decorated residential buildings and the best decorated street in Hafnarfjörður.


6. Dec 2021 : An ice rink opens in mid-December

In December and until January, the municipality of Hafnarfjörður in collaboration with Bæjarbíó will set up a 200 square meter ice rink which has been named Hjartasvellið and will be located in the parking behind Bæjarbíó. Hjartasvellið will be a great entertainment, experience and activity for residents and visitors to the Christmas town of Hafnarfjörður, which will connect even better the Christmas village in the town center, restaurants and shops in the heart of Hafnarfjörður and the magic lights in Hellisgerði.


2. Dec 2021 : Magic world of lights in Hellisgerði

Hellisgerði in Hafnarfjörður delighted many on Advent 2020 as a magic world of lights and experience. This beautiful park in Hafnarfjörður has, like last year, become a charming and attractive fairytale land and with its lights will delight its visitors on Advent. The big red Christmas heart at the entrance from Reykjavíkurvegur warmly welcomes guests. Then the fairytale world of lights takes over, where beautiful light series and light figures delight the eye and the spirit. The beautiful little café in Hellisgerði and the two greenhouses that were set up in late summer will be open every weekend during Advent.


16. Nov 2021 : Swimming pools may receive up to 75% of their maximum capacity

From November 13th swimming pools may receive up to 75% of their maximum capacity according to the conditions of their operating licence. That number does not include children born in 2016 and after.

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