23. Dec 2020 : Gleðileg jól! Season´s Greetings! Wesołych Świąt

Gleðileg jól! Season´s Greetings! Wesołych Świąt


18. Dec 2020 : Opening hours during Christmas - swimming pools

Swimming is a nice way to spend time with the family and the swimming pools in Hafnarfjörður meet the needs of all groups in society, as they are different. There are three swimming pools and they all have their own characteristics and charm. Hafnarfjörður Swimming Hall, old history and calm atmosphere, Ásvallalaug, a family-friendly environment and a warm hall for the younger children, and Suðurbæjarlaug, a beautiful and nice outdoor area and an outdoor pool.


16. Dec 2020 : New Year's Eve bonfires cancelled

The municipalities in the capital area have made the decision to cancel New Year's bonfires this year. The decision was made due to 10-person restriction on gatherings and it is important that the municipalities do not host gatherings.


11. Dec 2020 : Take part in the Hellisgerði Scavenger Hunt

Hellisgerði Scavenger Hunt has been set up that Hafnarfjörður residents and friends of Hafnarfjörður of all ages can take part in, which is especially tailored to the participation of those who are younger. Three winners will be randomly selected from correct entries on January 6th 2021. 


11. Dec 2020 : Welcome to the Christmas adventure land in Hellisgerði

A true Christmas adventure land has been created in Hellisgerði, this almost 100-year-old and beautiful amusement park in the center of Hafnarfjörður. At the entrance to Hellisgerði from Reykjavíkurvegur, a big red Christmas heart has now been erected and then adventure world of lights and pleasures takes over. Light series and light figures that delight the eye and the spirit. 


10. Dec 2020 : Swimming pools are open

Changes to the preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic that took effect today, December 10, allow the opening of swimming pools for up to 50% of the maximum number of guests. The validity of a new rules is until 12 January 2021, unless otherwise advertised. Children born 2005 and later are not included in the number of guests.


9. Dec 2020 : Maintenance at SORPA's reception and sorting station

Maintenance will take place at SORPA's reception and sorting station until Sunday 13 December.

Residents in Garðabær, Hafnarfjörður, Mosfellsbær and Seltjarnarnes are therefore asked not to throw plastic in bags with the general waste as usual during this time, but take it to drop off centers or to recycling centers.

9. Dec 2020 : University Gateway in English at Bifröst University

Tailored to the employment initiative Education is Opportunity (Nám er tækifæri)
In-person (learning on campus) and distance learning are both available.

Bifröst University will offer preparatory studies taught in English in the spring semester of 2021. This preparatory studies programme is the English-language version of the programme offered in Icelandic. Instead of regular courses in Icelandic for native speakers, students will complete specially designed courses in Icelandic as a second language. Students can also chose to improve their English and/or Icelandic skills instead of completing language credits in Danish.


9. Dec 2020 : COVID-19: Restrictions to be relaxed as from 10 December

The Minister of Health has decided on changes to the preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, taking effect on 10 December 2020. On that date, some cautious relaxations will be made to the restrictions on the size of gatherings, and the new rules will remain in force until 12 January 2021. The rules applying in schools will continue unchanged, for the most part, until the end of the year; it is planned to announce new rules shortly that will take effect in schools on 1 January 2021.


4. Dec 2020 : Veitur activates Response Plan

In light of the weather forecast for the next few days, predicting one of the most extreme cold spells the south-west corner of Iceland has experienced since 2013, Veitur has activated a Response Plan in the operation of the district heating. One of the items on the plan is to encourage people to use hot water sparingly, so we all have enough to keep our houses warm.


4. Dec 2020 : Care Market at Haukar sport centre this weekend

A group of caring women in "Vellir", the neighbourhood in Hafnarfjörður have gathered to help their neighbours and set up a market in Haukar sport center or "Haukahúsið". The initiative and the market that goes by the name - Kærleikur (care) 2020 - is unique because everything at the market is free of charge and the goods are intended for personal use for those who need. Donations in the form of clothing, toys and items for the home that thoughtful individuals and companies want to donate to the project and allow others to enjoy.

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