25. Nov 2020 : Disruptions to school and extracurricular activities

The fire brigade of the capital area (SHS) has been commissioned by the municipalities in the area to monitor the weather and weather forecasts and send out notifications if necessary, as appropriate in consultation with the police and education authorities.


21. Nov 2020 : Changes in primary school activities as of November 23th

Cautious changes in primary schools will be made from Monday 23 November and will apply until 1 December. With the changes, the emphasis is on changing slowly and only going into actions or changes that are in line with the restrictions on gatherings in response to the spread of COVID-19 from health authorities. The changes are the same in the primary schools of Hafnarfjörður.


19. Nov 2020 : Pee, poop, toilet paper! The toilet is NOT the trash can!

The project "pee, poop and toilet paper in the toilet" is a collaborative project between The Environment Agency of Iceland and Samorka in collaboration with the Association of Icelandic Municipalities and health committees in the country, which aims to reduce sewage and thus the burden on the environment.


18. Nov 2020 : Support for children´s recreational activities

The Icelandic government's measures in response to the Covid19 pandemic include support for children's recreational activities. This support is granted to the families of children born 2005-2014, living in homes where the average income of supporters, individuals, married or in registered partnership, was lower than 740.000 ISK per month between March and July 2020.

18. Nov 2020 : The museums reopen November 18

The museums in Hafnarfjörður will reopen from Wednesday 18 November, when cautious relaxations of the current restrictions on gatherings take effect. It is obligatory to wear a mask when visiting the museums, the two meter social distance rule applies and the maximum number of visitors is 10 people.


18. Nov 2020 : Swimming pools remain closed

The swimming pools in Hafnarfjörður will continue to be closed, in line with the recommendations of the epidemiologist and the authorities. 

18. Nov 2020 : School activities will remain unchanged until weekend

School arrangement due to covid19 will remain unchanged until the weekend and after school shuttle service will not start yet. Amendments to the regulations concerning the work of preschools and primary schools have still been announced due to new infection control rules.


16. Nov 2020 : Covid-19: Cautious relaxation on November 18th

The Minister of Health has approved recommendations by the Chief Epidemiologist for a cautious relaxation of some of the restrictions on gatherings in response to the spread of COVID-19. The changes involved will take effect on 18 November 2020. The main changes are that sporting, youth and leisure activities for children in pre-schools (kindergartens) and compulsory junior schools (to age 16) will be permitted once again. In upper-secondary schools, the number of persons permitted to gather in one space will be raised to 25. Services of various types which entail physical contact or close proximity will be permitted again. The general limit on the size of gatherings to 10 persons will continue. It is envisaged that further relaxation of the restrictions will be possible at the beginning of December.


12. Nov 2020 : UNICEF calls for illustrations from young people

Are you younger than 24 years old and love drawing?

To commemorate World Children's Day on November 20th UNICEF invites you to reimagine and draw the world you want to live in after COVID-19 as part of our World Children's Day #voicesofyouth challenge. Pick a cause that matters to you, create an original illustration that shows the world you want to build.


10. Nov 2020 : Children and the restrictions on gatherings

Schools and athletic organisations carefully organise their schedules to comply with the
authorities’ instructions restricting school activities and gatherings, including restrictions on
numbers allowed to gather, divisions in schools and use of facemasks.
It is extremely important that children’s parents and guardians simultaneously reduce the
number of people in their children’s contact network outside of school in order to avoid
working against these measures. It is helpful to bear the following in mind


5. Nov 2020 : ,,Ærslabelgir" or jumping pillows closed as of today

As of today, the jumping mattresses at Víðistaðatún and Óli Run tún will be airless and thus made inactive during the wintertime. 

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