31. Oct 2020 : Organizational day in schools due to stricter Covid19 measures

Municipalities and Civil Protection and Emergency Management of the greater Reykjavík area has decided to have an organizational day í preschools, primary schools, Music schools and after school centers on Monday, November 2 because of tightened mitigation rules set by the government to prevent COVID-19. 


30. Oct 2020 : Stricter anti-COVID-19 measures from October 31

The Minister of Health has approved proposals from the Chief Epidemiologist regarding tighter measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, which take effect on Saturday, 31 October 2020. The same rules will apply throughout Iceland. The main change introduced now is that the maximum size of gatherings is reduced from 20 to 10 persons. All sporting activities and stage performances are suspended. It is envisaged that these stricter rules will remain in force until 17 November (including that date); they will be reviewed in the light of developments with a view to whether it will be possible to relax them earlier or necessary to extend the period for a longer period.


28. Oct 2020 : Let's celebrate Halloween at home

Halloween is celebrated on Saturday 31 October. Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Iceland and in many neighborhoods it has become a tradition for children to go door-to-door "trick or treating".


28. Oct 2020 : Regional residential survey

The regional residential survey is conducted under the auspices of all regional associations outside the capital area, business development agencies and the Icelandic Regional Development Institute. The survey is intended for all residents who have reached the age of 18. 


27. Oct 2020 : Let's shine brightly this winter!

Now that the day is getting shorter, it is necessary to remind the importance of having reflectors or reflections on clothing and good light on all vehicles. Reflections on clothes and lights increase safety and visibility and are very important in the conditions created during the winter months, when dark and icy.


27. Oct 2020 : Sports activities for children and teenagers - Next steps

The municipalities in the capital area in collaboration with ÍSÍ (The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland) and the civil protection committee of the capital, area have decided to allow children born in 2004 and later to start training in the sports facilities of the municipalities and the clubs from 26 October. Sports and leisure activities and swimming lessons for children born in 2005 and later will begin on 3 November.


25. Oct 2020 : Hafnarfjörður the Christmas town is getting ready for Christmas

Hafnarfjörður has started to get ready for Christmas and will be doing so until Christmas. It was decided to put up the Christmas lights early this year, with the aim of bringing joy in these strange times. Residents are hereby encouraged to do the same


22. Oct 2020 : Earthquakes: Duck-Cover-Hold

There is seldom advance warning of an earthquake. Therefore, it is important to take safety measures ahead of time and to learn how to respond. If needed SMS warning text messages are sent to mobiles phones after earthquakes from the Civil Protection to the affected area. 

21. Oct 2020 : Let's enjoy the outdoors

This weekend is a long weekend in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools. Just beyond the quiet buzz of Hafnarfjörður's charming streets lie dozens of spectacular nature areas. Within the environs of Hafnarfjörður, walkers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts can explore the coastline, volcanoes, lava fields, and more. In the vicinity of Hafnarfjörður there are various walking and cycling routes, suitable for the whole family.


21. Oct 2020 : COVID-19: Restrictions to 10 November

New regulations have taken effect laying down restrictions on the size of gatherings and certain school activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The regulations will remain in force until 10 November (inclusive), with the exception of interim provisions applying to the metropolitan area, which will apply until 3 November 2020. The changes introduced by the new regulations are summarised below.


20. Oct 2020 : Swimming pools and museums are still closed

Stricter rules due to COVID-19 in the metropolitan area, which took effect in the beginning of October, included e.g. closure of swimming pools, gymnasium and museums. The closure will be reassessed on 3 November.

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