31. Aug 2020 : Hoping for more participation from residents of foreign origin

Around 13% of Hafnarfjörður's residents are of foreign origin, the largest group thereof is Polish people, as is most frequently the case in Iceland. 


28. Aug 2020 : After-school shuttle service. Registration

The after-school shuttle service is starting again Monday 31 August and all children in 1st - 4th grade are offered a shuttle service to sport practises that start at 15:00 and 16:00. Detailed information on departure times and places of departure from each school will be sent directly to parents within each school.


20. Aug 2020 : Back to school autumn 2020 – Primary schools

Pupils officially go back to primary schools in Hafnarfjörður on 25 August. Some 4,300 children from Hafnarfjörður are going back to school this autumn. Around 4,000 of these will be attending primary schools in Hafnarfjörður, with around 400 starting in Grade 1.