31. Jul 2020 : Alert level due to COVID-19

In light of stricter disease prevention measures ordered by the authorities, which will come into effect at noon on July 31, the municipality has reviewed its services in accordance with the relevant response plan.

Hafnarfjörður sólroði kvöld

17. Jul 2020 : First township to receive recertification of equal pay system

Hafnarfjörður has been granted recertification of its equal pay system, the first municipality in Iceland to achieve this milestone.

Teigabyggð opinn leikvöllur

17. Jul 2020 : Improvements to public playgrounds

Our town has numerous playgrounds and playing fields that are maintained and improved each year. Over the past few weeks, we have been working on the playgrounds in the innermost part of Teigabyggð, Álfholt and Stekkjarhvammur.