25. Sep 2020 : New version of school calendars

Statistics on traffic on the primary schools websites show that the school calendars are the most popular content on the websites. Recently the calendars were changed into more accessible forms. 

24. Sep 2020 : Does your tree want to be a Christmas tree?

As in previous years, the municipality offers to remove spruce trees from private gardens and use them as Christmas trees if they meet certain criteria. 


21. Sep 2020 : Constructions begin at Norðurbakki

At a meeting of the Port Authority on 12 August it decided to begin the process of the project "Norðurbakki - rock protection". This part of the project is a prelude to further development and completion of the project at Strandstígur and the outdoor recreation area at Norðurbakki and at Norðurgarður.


18. Sep 2020 : Formal graduation from the project Health Promotion 65+

Formal graduation from the project Diverse Health Promotion 65+ in Hafnarfjörður - the way to successful senior years under the auspices of Janus Health Promotion took place in Hafnarborg this week.


16. Sep 2020 : European Transport Week 2020 has begun!

European Transport Week starts today, on Icelandic Nature Day and this year under the title "Choose the green way". The Transport Week, which has the important purpose of encouraging environmentally friendly transport, runs from 16 to 22 September. 

Víðistaðaskóli fékk grænfánan afhentan í fimmta sinn

16. Sep 2020 : Víðistaðaskóli celebrates its 50th anniversary!

Víðistaðaskóli is today celebrating the school's 50th anniversary, but the school was founded on 16 September 1970, which was the first school day for students. Víðistaðaskóli was then the third primary school in Hafnarfjörður. 


16. Sep 2020 : Maintenance and renovation of playgrounds

Improvements to the open playground in Mosahlíð were completed this week, with a new fall protection layer and artificial grass, a new spring device and roofing around the area. In the next few days, improvements will be made to an open playground in Blikaás, and improvements are planned to be completed by next week at the latest. The municipality's journey in the maintenance and renovation of open playgrounds continues.


14. Sep 2020 : Autumn exhibition 2021 – call for proposals

As in previous years, curators will get the chance to submit proposals for Hafnarborg’s autumn exhibition of next year. This year‘s autumn exhibition, The Wildflower, which opened on August 29th, was selected by the same method, from the proposals submitted last year.


11. Sep 2020 : Suðurbæjarlaug reopens

Suðurbæjarlaug will reopen on Saturday September 12th after a few weeks of closure due to maintenance work. The outdoor area and thus the outdoor cabins will only be open where the construction of the indoor pool and changing rooms is still ongoing. The number of pool guests will be limited to 45 to begin with.


10. Sep 2020 : Neat gardens and plots honored in Hafnarfjörður

The Carmelite Convent at Ölduslóð in Hafnarfjörður recently received a badge of honor – Snyrtileikinn 2020 - from the municipality of Hafnarfjörður. Nine house owners received recognition for beautiful and well-kept gardens.


7. Sep 2020 : Is the vegetation on your property a problem for others?

Tree vegetation has grown well this summer and in many places well out onto sidewalks and footpaths, which in many cases means that the vegetation has begun to obscure the view of both pedestrians and drivers. The line of sight for drivers should always be unobstructed and pedestrians  should be safe on the town's sidewalks.

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