25.9.2020 News : New version of school calendars

Statistics on traffic on the primary schools websites show that the school calendars are the most popular content on the websites. Recently the calendars were changed into more accessible forms. 

24.9.2020 News : Does your tree want to be a Christmas tree?

As in previous years, the municipality offers to remove spruce trees from private gardens and use them as Christmas trees if they meet certain criteria. 


21.9.2020 News : Constructions begin at Norðurbakki

At a meeting of the Port Authority on 12 August it decided to begin the process of the project "Norðurbakki - rock protection". This part of the project is a prelude to further development and completion of the project at Strandstígur and the outdoor recreation area at Norðurbakki and at Norðurgarður.