26.7.2021 News : Brostu-rainbowlane at Strandgata

Brostu in english is smile 


25.7.2021 News : Restrictions on gatherings as of 25 July

As of Sunday 25 July, restrictions on gatherings for Covid-19 will take effect, which will last for three weeks until 13th of August. These measures entail changes in the municipality's services, e.g. in swimming pools and museums.


13.7.2021 News : New in Iceland - a pilot project of Icelandic Ministry of Social Affairs

New in Iceland Ráðgjafarstofa fyrir innflytjendur is a pilot project of Icelandic Ministry of Social Affairs and was established as a result of parliamentary resolution from 2019.

New in Iceland is here to help you. All their services are free of charge and confidential
Immigrants can get assistance to feel safe, to be well-informed and supported while living in Iceland. Counselors offer information and advice with respect to your privacy and confidentiality.


12.7.2021 News : Hafnarfjörður center will be getting a new look

Ráðhústorg will become a “green“ square with a focus on vegetation, water and small gatherings.

New picture of Hafnarfjörður center was introduced at Hafnarfjörður council meeting. The new proposal is that Thorsplan will still be the main square in the heart of Hafnarfjörður and Ráðhústorg (City Hall square), today a parking lot in front of Hafnarfjörður library, will be a green square with focus on vegetation, water and small gatherings and events. Ráðhústorg and the area around it will become an attractive area that connects small and big trails in all directions.

6.7.2021 News : Summer opening in Suðurbæjarlaug

Suðurbæjarlaug vill be open till 22:00 on weekdays and 21:00 on Sundays this summer. On Saturdays the closing time will still be 18:00. These opening hours will be till the 8th of August.