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Hafnarfjörður is Iceland's third largest town, with a population of over 29,800. A progressive municipality that focuses on ensuring a family-friendly environment, Hafnarfjörður provides exemplary services and supports a dynamic economy.

Hafnarfjörður´s local authority prioritises electronic services, providing residents and visitors with secure 24 hour internet access from all locations. This allows them to resolve issues or do business online at their own convenience.

Hafnarfjörður's service centre, located at Strandgata 6, is the gateway to all the town´s departments and institutions and is the simplest way to access information and services.

The service center is open every working day between 08:00 and 16:00. Tel. 585 5500


Hafnarfjörður provides an efficient administrative system staffed by employees who, with their knowledge, care and dedication, are able to offer the best services available.

Hafnarfjörður's public administration is divided into two parts:

On the one hand, there is the political system.  This consists of democratically elected municipal representatives who form the town council. They are also members of the committees the council appoints in accordance with Hafnarfjörður municipality's by-laws and the council's minutes.

On the other hand, there is the civil service system, i.e. the recruited managers of the municipality, with the Mayor acting at their head. The Mayor is the town´s managing director and is hired by the town council. He is responsible both for implementing the council´s decisions and, together with the executive board, for the town's executive and financial management

The community

Hafnarfjörður is a unique town with an extraordinary history, where daily life and culture thrives in the middle of an old lava field. The town had a population of approximately 1400 when it was granted municipal status. Now, a century later, the population has exploded. However, the town retains its small-town air, its rural aura and its heart - which is not surprising given that the it prides itself on the largest unbroken neighbourhood of corrugated iron-clad timber houses in Iceland.

Hafnarfjörður, however, is not just an old town; it is also thriving, as more and more people realise the advantages of becoming a Hafnarfjörður resident. The town has grown quickly over the past few years and the new neighbourhoods have attracted a diverse community of people who are well aware that Hafnarfjörður offers a great range of commercial outlets and services, an active cultural life and plenty of activities. The town prides itself on a number of excellent kindergartens and primary schools, in addition to a music school, a vocational training college, and the well established secondary college, Flensborg. Hafnarfjörður is also a sports town, with a high level of participation in sports activities, partly due to the town subsidising the membership fees of its children. Unspoiled nature is never far away in Hafnafjpörður, and opportunities for outdoor pursuits, in a beautiful environment, are limitless.

It´s not only great to live in Hafnarfjörður; working in the town is good, too. Hafnarfjörður has a diverse econ